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Speсtr-Agro is the agricultural company which started its activities in 2009 and for the first year of existence has proved a reliable partner among customers-farmers and among companies-suppliers of products and services.

The primary focus of Spectr-Agro company is distribution of crop protection, seeds, mineral and special fertilizers, agricultural machinery (Hardi, Farmet, Quivogne) from leading worldwide European manufacturers.

Speсtr-Agro is a high-quality service, innovative technologies and a wide product range that meet the requirements of modern farmers. Speсtr-Agro is a united team of high-class professionals working for the growth and development of the agricultural business in Ukraine.

Since we are a national company it gives us certain advantages. From the geographical coverage of almost the entire territory of Ukraine (offices in 20 regions of the country) and sales managers more than 140 persons we have a global scope and can fully satisfy the needs of our customers.

Being a national company Speсtr-Agro guided by values prevailing etiquette business and has a significant impact on society. Our strategy of partnership based on trust and unconditional implementation of obligations gives us a unique potential for directly support the efficient and environmentally rational agricultural development of Ukraine and ethical business.
We live and work in Ukraine, a large agro-industrial state. It has fertile soils, favorable climatic conditions, production capacity, economic and productive forces for intensive agricultural production. The economy of Ukraine agricultural sector is extremely important link, which crucially determines the socio-economic situation of society and food security.

Due to the increase of productivity to the level of developed agriculture Ukraine should double the total production of grain, bringing it to 100 million tons per year, and in 2050 exports may provide at least 45-50 million tons of grain, which will be about 15% of world exports.

Ukraine is an agrarian state with strong potential which can be implemented to integrate into the international food markets and complete an important mission - to raise their socio-economic status and take an important role in resolving the global food crisis.

Therefore Spectr-Agro company responds to the needs and wishes of farmers involved in the development of effective new technologies of growing crops and recommendations for their implementation and provide material support with the latest high-quality materials for production (seeds, crop protection products, fertilizers, agricultural machinery, etc.) .
About Spectr-Agro company- дистрибуція насіння, засобів захисту рослин, мінеральних макро - та мікродобрив, сільгоспмашин
Full range of effective solutions!
We are working to give an opportunity to our customerss to build efficient agricultural business, to fully use the potential of soil fertility and yield of plant organisms by using key technologies to reduce harmful effects on the environment, to obtain products that corresponds to the world quality standards, in this way accelerate the growth and development of agricultural production in Ukraine and increase the share of high-quality Ukrainian agricultural products on world markets.
Spectr-Agro LLC
Kyiv region, Obukhiv, Str. Promyslova, 20
+38 044 520 94 30, 520 94 31, Fax: 520 94 32
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